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In our future, young people will use their food and business knowledge to make mindful choices so they can live well and realise their potential. (Download the long story The Big Feed Info)



The Big Feed will engage young people through food education, food enterprise and social innovation.  When young people enjoy a tangible experience of healthy behaviours and business operations, they are easily motivated to create a better life.


Social Strategy

The Big Feed social strategy is to present young people with various food concepts that address their health, culture, technology, media, politics, environment, wealth and community to show how food connects to their lives (physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual).

* Digital education resources and initiatives designed to empower young people and inspire mindfulness.
* Employment pathways, work experience, training, mentoring and start-up advice for young social entrepreneurs.
* Food-related events, food and beverage products, business consulting and e-commerce platforms.
* A social community of passionate people who act to improve youth health.Add your content here!