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National Projects

The Big Feed App is now available for FREE on the iTunes store.  Get yourself some great seasonal recipes and videos (less than 1 minute, cool cook-along music, no step by step instructions and no chef's head talking at you).  It is all about the food. 


We use it as a teaching tool to support the lessons in our cooking classes.  Our youth charity partners also use it when they work with young people and of course team Big Feed uses it to cook yummy stuff for ourselves.


This first version was funded thanks to St George Foundation and now we are hoping to raise around $25K to get it onto Android and add a few more videos and a section on sustainability.  Then we want to produce some bi-lingual versions so refugees and students with English as a second language can use it to cook and improve their literacy.


1 - Unnamed


Nourish and Nurture

2 - MumKnows


Nourish and Nurture  is a program for young mothers, their supporters and their children. 


The workshops, cooking classes and activities help these amazing young ladies gain awareness, understanding and skills to improve their own and their children's well-being. 


Alongside food, the toolkit addresses goal setting, reading skills (child and adult), health knowledge, financial and digital literacy as well as community and cultural awareness.