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You can help, yes you can!

Can you talk the talk?

Become a Big Feed Ambassador (a host with the most, celebrity or not) and help others discover our cause and make it their own.  PR Interns are welcome.


Can you volunteer good food deeds?

We always need volunteers to execute many rewarding chores.


Can you fund the cause?

Sponsor (looking for a worthy cause)

Investor (keen on building a social enterprise)


We need your help, please email info@thebigfeed.com.au or call Kay +61 414 678 816


Create a food education event and register as a Host

Share some food knowledge, skills, stories or a simple recipe, become a food educator and create your own event.  Check our Hosting Ideas or other stuff from the menu on the left of the screen. Please cause a rukkus and tell us about it on our Social Media.


Ain't got no time for that? Give Now


Are you in our market?

If you happen to squeeze into one of these categories, then Register as a Trader and tout your wares in our market:


Retailer (cart, delicatessen, café, restaurant, hotel, pub, shop, hire service, bank) 

Supplier (farmer, food service, hospitality, raw ingredients, plants, seeds, equipment)

Producer (food, beverage, ingredient)

Educator (chef, home economist, university/school/teacher/student, association)

Practitioner (nutritionist, dietitian, counsellor, doctor, chiropractor, masseuse, dentist) 

Advisor (professional, consultant, manager, expert, specialist, activist)

Creative (artist, author, journalist, blogger, designer, stylist)

Other (anyone with something to trade, barter, share or swap)