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Host a Dinner Party

We probably don't really need to explain this one, but if you are the host/ess with the most/ess then The Big Feed will give you one huge excuse for creating the most magnificent dinner party that will blow the minds of all those who are invited and have the good sense to RSVP in time.

A Big Feed on your Menu

If you are already providing hospitality to the punters, create a special Big Feed and share the story of each ingredient; the growers, the reason you paired them together, the history, the recipe. 

Host a BBQ

Summer is gone, but now you can BBQ without all those pesky flies and mosquitoes. 

Host a Picnic 

A romantic picnic for two under some magnificent trees...aaaahh woodun it be luverly. (Be inspired to create a picnic basket by reading this post which was part of the Food Buzz Project Food Blog competition  Tiny Urban Kitchen Fall Foilage.) Check out this crazy cool idea from New York pick-nicker Mark Krawczuk Competitive Winter Picknicking

Bake Off

Get a bit of competition happening at work and host a bake-off; could be bread, could be cakes, could be biscuits or tarts.  Charge a small entry fee then you and your guest judges decide on a winner. (Don't for get to send pics and share the winning recipe).

Host a Breakfast

Not enough room in your kitchen, then go out for breakfast!

Host a Roast

Got an oven?  Got a roasting pan?  Gotta be the easiest way to feed a crowd and tap into all that "we used to have a roast every Sunday lunchtime" nostalga. 

Host a Break

Imagine.... you are at work, it has been a long day already, you all need a distraction, you leap up and say "I'll make the coffee if you donate to The Big Feed?"