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Who we are

We are a passionate community of people who enjoy food, drink, culture, fun and giving.  A community who is prepared to act, based on shared values, beliefs and meanings, to improve the well-being of young people.  We really don't know what our community will look like just yet, but right now it reminds us of a a sour dough "culture starter" which will need to be nurtured so it can live a long life and keep making plenty of bread!


Our Hosts are passionate individuals who care. Their Big Feed events exemplify our values, engage with their community whilst promoting good food and well-being.  Our Hosts understand the need for young people, no matter their circumstance, to be loved, nourished and taught good living skills.  They share our desire to create social change through philanthropy and soound investment.  If you want to make a difference please come join us and Register as a Host.


Some of our Hosts also represent a crew, team, bunch, mob, compatriots or swarm of folks, all sharing the same vision, who have created their very own Big Feed microcosm in order to achieve outstanding and amazing fundraising results as a result of their awesome synergy. If you are an inspirational team leader then Register as a Host and name your Crew.


The Big Feed Market provides an opportunity for Suppliers, Educators, Partners and other entrepreneurs to align their business with our worthy cause by offering fabulous merchandise, services, deals and discounts. In time, some of our Traders will also provide business opportunities, advice and assistance to the young people we care about and in turn, our Market will support their emerging business ventures.  If your business measures success in terms of both financial and social capital, then Register as a Trader.


Importantly, our community includes the young people we care about.  We don't classify them into categories by age, intellect, economic status, social isolation, capacity or creativity.  We want to help all young people improve their well-being and realise their potential.  (If you happen to be old, we love you too.)  We collaborate with others who provide services to young people, like youth focussed not-for-profit groups, universities, high schools, clubs and groups.


Our community also includes Celebrities, Supporters, Partners, Investors, Creatives, Buyers (who purchase good stuff from our Traders), Guests (who attend events put on by our Hosts) and Volunteers proudly supporting our Vision.