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Our aim is to create an online marketplace to trade, purchase, barter, share and swap anything so long as it has some sort of connection to our cause and would interest or benefit TBF Community. 


TBF Social Venture will encourage the young people we care about, to become entrepreneurs and this marketplace will provide them with a platform for their own online business.


For example, as a Trader you could offer:


Food and Beverage Products: Artisan, Quality, Authentic, Whole, Organic, Special

Stuff: Kitchen Equipment, Accoutrements, Bakeware, Cuttlery, Tablewear

Culture: Art, Music, Literature, Collectables

Services: Design, Marketing, Business Advice, Styling, Photography, Copy Writing, Training


If your business falls into one of the following categories and you measure success in terms of both financial and social capital, then Register as a Trader.


Retailer (cart, delicatessen, café, restaurant, hotel, pub, shop, hire service, bank) 

Supplier (farmer, food service, hospitality, raw ingredients, plants, seeds, equipment)

Producer (food, beverage, ingredient)

Educator (chef, home economist, university/school/teacher/student, association)

Practitioner (nutritionist, dietitian, counsellor, doctor, chiropractor, masseuse, dentist) 

Advisor (professional, consultant, manager, expert, specialist, activist)

Creative (artist, author, journalist, blogger, designer, stylist)

Other (anyone with something to trade, barter, share or swap)